It’s awesome to see the two-minutes hate that Rep. Rashida Tlaib has ginned up against the New York Times. People are canceling their subscriptions (again) over the Times’ latest transgression of liberal thought: Tlaib claims that the paper is providing a platform for transphobic hate and propaganda. Of course, the definition of “transphobic hate” is awfully fuzzy; we just saw another conservative suspended from Twitter for “deadnaming” Elliot Page earlier this month. The Times would certainly never do that, nor would it disrespect someone’s pronouns. So what’s Tlaib on about?

Chase Strangio, the ACLU lawyer who said that banning Abigail Shrier’s “Irreversible Damage” was “100 percent a hill I would die on” and who slammed “60 Minutes” for giving airtime to people who had transitioned and grew to regret it.

So what transphobic hate has the Times been publishing? Opinion pieces, it seems — as many as two of them.

We’re all for people canceling their subscriptions in protest, but we thought they all had canceled their subscriptions when the Times ran that op-ed by Sen. Tom Cotton that had employees calling in sick.