Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony, which will be remembered for decades from now, earned her a “thank you” tweet from ABC News’ Jonathan Karl. Hutchinson told the gripping story about how President Donald Trump attacked and strangled a Secret Service agent before lunging for the steering wheel of the presidential SUV. As we’ve noted, Hutchinson’s secondhand retelling of the tale made headlines in all the papers but has since been relegated to “anecdote” status.

See, we shouldn’t even be paying attention to the steering wheel anecdote, especially now that the Secret Service has offered to testify under oath in response.

Testifying before Congress under oath is a big deal. As we reported, Donald Trump refuted Hutchinson’s claims on Truth Social, but Hutchinson testified under oath (even if it was hearsay) — David French wants to know who you’re going to believe?

This is an amazing meme:

Yes, Hutchinson was under oath. She also wasn’t actually present in the SUV, so we think it’s more than fair to have doubts.