NBC News surprised us all the other day with a piece that dared to expose some dysfunction in the Biden administration. Even though he claims to never look at polls, NBC News reported that President Joe Biden is “rattled by his sinking approval ratings.” He also really hates it when White House staffers rush in to “clarify” his gaffes: “He makes a clear and succinct statement — only to have aides rush to explain that he actually meant something else.”

Now CNN is getting in on the action with a piece about “a deeper dysfunction among White House aides” being behind his “struggle to break through.” Once again, they think Biden’s message just isn’t getting through — it couldn’t be that Americans disagree with the message.

Edward-Isaac Dovere writes:

That’s in between pointing fingers at each other for whose fault it is. They have the same internal meetings over and over, insisting that they need to change up their whole approach to how they’re using Biden — and then each time watch as nothing changes.

Older aides dismiss the younger aides as being too caught up in the tweet-by-tweet thinking they say lost the 2020 election for everyone else. Younger aides give up — what’s the point of working up innovative ideas, they ask themselves, if the ideas constantly get knocked down and the aides get looked down on for suggesting them?

Responding to a question about the President’s older media habits, Bates noted the weekly time set aside on the President’s schedule for creating digital content and the over 70 people on staff who help create it and manage his various accounts, as well as two interviews in the past few months with online-only creators.

No more mean tweets now — they’re filtered through a huge staff.

They’re behind stuff like Biden’s TikTok with the Jonas Brothers to encourage boosters? Or all the TikTok influencers the White House briefed on Ukraine? Those were such successes. They even built the guy a fake White House set so they wouldn’t need a teleprompter in the Oval Office all the time.