We’ve already done one post on Libs of TikTok today, but here’s one from Monday that deserves a look. The transgender movement is getting all of the attention lately, but what about the fat movement? Or should we say obese? How about neither? Academics at the University of Illinois Chicago School of Public Health suggested last fall replacing “obese” with “people in larger bodies.” We’ve also been assured that finding fat people unattractive is “racist.” And then there’s that company that distributes cards you can give to your doctor asking them not to weigh you unless it’s medically necessary.

We’ve heard people argue for fat pride, but what we hadn’t considered was the fatness spectrum. There isn’t just “fat”: There’s “small fat” ranging to “infinifat.” And what gives a small fat the right to talk over the feelings of superfats?

Honestly, though, in all of the diversity, equity, and inclusion materials we’ve seen where you add up your “privilege” points, we don’t think we’ve ever seen weight listed as a matter of privilege.

So now there’s “intersectionality” in the community of people living in larger bodies. Superfats don’t want small fats talking over them on issues of weight.