If you saw “Joker,” you’ll remember he had a laminated card to show people he had a medical condition when he broke into compulsive laughter. Now, apparently, there’s a card you can show your doctor asking them not to weigh you unless medically necessary, with a list of reasons as bullet points on the back.

Why? Because “when you focus on my weight I get stressed (and that’s not healthy.)” Or, “weighing me every time I come in for an appointment and talking about my weight like it’s a problem perpetuates weight stigma (a known and serious health risk.)” So it’s worse for your health to get weighed by your doctor, who might not be up-to-date on the health ramifications of weight stigma.

“If you really need my weight, please tell me why so that I can give you my informed consent.” People in the replies think these cards are pretty awesome, although we wonder why you couldn’t just close your eyes and ask the doctor not to say your weight out loud.

The responses to this tweet are either “this is awesome” or “this is pathetic” — there’s no in-between on this one.


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