It was last September when Twitchy spotted some movement in the John Durham investigation — Durham wanted to indict Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussman for lying to the FBI about the Trump Organization’s supposed secret “backchannel” to the Russian Alfa Bank. Sussman is now on trial, and as we reported Friday, prosecutors entered into evidence Hillary Clinton’s tweet about Alfa Bank, which was accompanied by a press release from her campaign promoting the hoax.

Earlier today, Elon Musk asked in response to a tweet from Margot Cleveland why ABC News was ignoring the Sussman trial and her campaign manager Robby Mook’s admission in court that Clinton herself gave the green light to the hoax. Musk said Friday that he’d only heard about the Sussman story a month ago and was “blown away.”


Not cool at all. Hans Mahncke prefers to call it Simple-gate:


As to why ABC News is ignoring the story:

“On July 27, 2016, an ABC News reporter emailed one of the Fusion GPS co-founders concerning an individual who was then President of the Russian-American Chamber of Commerce (“Chamber President-1”), stating, in part, “making arrangements to interview [Chamber President-1]. We should chat.”

Again, even that isn’t that confusing. Why would ABC News cover the Sussman trial if they don’t have to? Simple.

September 22: