As Twitchy reported, incumbent GOP Rep. Madison Cawthorn lost his primary race to businessman and former state senator Chuck Edwards in North Carolina’s 11th congressional district. Now we’ve heard all about ultra-MAGA from President Joe Biden and Jen Psaki, but in his first Instagram post after his defeat, Cawthorn brought up something called “Dark MAGA” and said that “it’s time for Dark MAGA to truly take command.”

The Daily Beast’s Will Sommer says that Dark MAGA has been a growing concept this spring:

NBC News’ “dystopia beat” reporter Ben Collins, is warning reporters not to adopt the language of Cawthorn, which “sanitizes” what it really is: “accelerationist violence, fascism, authoritarianism.”

Time to step up, everyone.

Cawthorn lost … he’s already been rejected by the voters. The only way “Dark MAGA” becomes a thing is if the media decides to make it a thing, which of course, they will. We noticed this morning, though, how Axios has picked up “Ultra MAGA” without even putting quotation marks around it. The media always picks up and runs with things like “Don’t Say Gay” and “Ultra MAGA” with no concerns whatsoever.