We’ve been telling you this week about a new kind of “journalism” that essentially amounts to extortion. As we reported, CNBC reported that major companies, including Disney, have “keep largely silent” on the “outrage” that stemmed from the Roe v. Wade decision draft leak. Note that CNBC framed the reaction to the leak as sparking “outrage,” and we’re pretty sure they don’t mean outrage at whoever leaked it. Taking it a step further, the Washington Post’s video game reporter, Nathan Grayson, “reached out to over 20 major video game companies about whether they intend to speak up in favor of reproductive rights or provide monetary aid to employees” to travel to get abortions. Again, note the framing: which companies would “speak up in favor of reproductive rights.” Most companies declined to comment, which we’re certain made Grayson sad.

Now Fox News’ Joseph Wulfsohn is reporting that Fast Company Magazine is pressuring companies to take its survey on abortion rights and is vowing to “disclose” those companies that take a pass.

What’s Fast Company’s stand on teaching sexual orientation and gender identity in kindergarten? It’s silence is deafening.

We’d been told by Bloomberg earlier this week that some Sony employees were “seething” over the fact that the head of PlayStation refused to take a stand on abortion rights.

Cope. Seethe.

Getting involved in politics went so well for Disney.


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