Trivia question: In the summer of 2020, which social media platform was being boycotted, and why? The answer is Facebook, and the reason given was to pressure Mark Zuckerberg and the company to do more about hate speech on the social media platform. A coalition of groups under the banner “Stop Hate for Profit” called for a month-long ad boycott.

As we reported at the time, CNN did a sort of name-and-shame segment, reporting on major companies that hadn’t joined the ad boycott:

We’re seeing something similar Wednesday from Melissa Repko and Lauren Feiner, who have decided to name some major companies that have kept “largely silent” amid the outrage sparked by the leaking of a draft document suggesting the overturning of Roe v. Wade was imminent.

In other words, there was no story there, so the reporters tried to start one: “Dozens of companies, including Walmart, American Airlines and Disney, have yet to issue statements or respond to CNBC requests for comment.” So CNBC is asking companies to comment on a leaked decision draft and keeping track of which issue statements to address the “outrage”?

It’s those out-of-whack Republicans declaring war on Mickey Mouse.

That didn’t stop them all from getting into bed with Black Lives Matter and donating millions so that Patrice Cullors could buy mansions in white neighborhoods.


People are noting that Levi-Strauss has been a leader in getting involved:

Let’s see how that works out for them.


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