We’ve written a few times about extortion attempts by liberal journalists, who think it’s their job to “name and shame” companies that haven’t yet toed the party line to their satisfaction. Back in 2020 when a group called “Stop Hate for Profit” organized a boycott of Facebook, CNN did a story on “the big brands that haven’t pulled ads from Facebook yet.” Yet.

More recently, as in a few days ago, CNBC decided to run a story on which big companies hadn’t yet spoken out in response to the leaked draft of the Roe v. Wade decision that had sparked “outrage.” “Dozens of companies, including Walmart, American Airlines and Disney,” they wrote, “have yet to issue statements or respond to CNBC requests for comment.” Yet.

As we reported, Judd Legum posted a whiny thread about a large PR company that was advising its clients to stay out of the Roe v. Wade battle. Sounds like good advice to us.

We didn’t know the Washington Post had a video game reporter, but they do, and Nathan Grayson decided to reach out to more than 20 major video game companies to see if they intended to speak up in favor of reproductive rights.

Again, great way to make a story up out of nothing.

Nailed it.


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