As Twitchy reported earlier, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot stepped into the Roe v. Wade debate, saying that the Supreme Court was coming for her and her friends in the LGBTQ community next. She then upped the ante by saying, “This moment has to be a call to arms.” If anyone knows a thing about guns, it’s the mayor of Chicago — her city has proved to have an ample supply.

Plenty of people called out Lightfoot for her call to arms, but it was Rep. Lauren Boebert who got under her skin by calling her an insurrectionist.

Huh … the Left takes “insurrectionist” as well as they do “groomer.” We’ll make a note.

We’re old enough to remember when Lightfoot refused to let President Donald Trump’s “troops” terrify the residents of her city when he threatened to send in the National Guard to take care of the gang violence problem.

And speaking of the Supreme Court, we’re also old enough to remember when Lightfoot banned protesters on her block, saying she had the right to keep her home secure. So we’ll assume she’s disgusted by the protests in front of the justices’ homes, then.

What a hypocrite.


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