It is no surprise the Left is still reeling over the leaked draft of the SCOTUS decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. The lengths to which they will go to convince the average citizen the decision is apocalyptic never ceases to amaze. Painting Republicans, or really anyone with an opposing political view, as terrible, awful, no good, ultra-deplorable, evil, right-wing extremists doesn’t leave a lot of room for compromise.


They warned everyone that a SCOTUS that isn’t packed with partisan judges who openly advocate liberal policies would effectively halt their plans for enacting a progressive agenda from the bench. With the crumbling of the social agenda, the Right is coming for them and everything they believe in.


Call to arms!

Wait, Chicago Mayor, Lori Lightfoot, say what?

The Right may not be actively trying to destroy the lives of the outrage mob as the fear-mongers have suggested, but they are trained experts at calling out the hypocrisy of Leftist antics. Mayor Lightfoot’s apparent plea for violence got the full ratio treatment.

And mockery, the Right has developed a remarkable skill for bringing laughter to the madness.

Someone should take these threats to the progressive vision seriously. It probably won’t be folks who have heard it all and then some though.

The perplexing overactive behavior on the Left can be thwarted by neither reality nor mockery.  As many have pointed out, there’s something i’nsurrectiony’ about the Left’s call to ‘fight’ for certain policies or rulings that they disagree with – though they insist that it’s different when they do it.

Daggum blah!


Don’t even waste the energy trying to wrap your mind into the pretzel shape required to comprehend that rationalization. Good thing we have a freshly appointed Ministry of Truth to wade through the madness and let everyone know whether or not Republicans and their evil efforts to uphold the Constitution is really going to ruin everything.

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