It was April 6 when a “fed-up” Gov. Greg Abbott said he’d been sending charter buses full of migrants to the steps of the U.S. Capitol, and as The Daily Beast reports, Abbott followed through with his “gross stunt.” The White House dismissed it as a publicity stunt, but the busload of migrants showed up in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday. “Biden refuses to come see the mess he’s made at the border,” Abbott tweeted, “so Texas is bringing the border to him.”

The Daily Beast obviously was offended that migrants were bused to D.C., but as Townhall’s Katie Pavlich pointed out and as Fox News’ Bill Melugin has reported, busloads of migrants are dropped off in towns like Brownsville, Texas regularly and are given taxi rides to the airport to go … somewhere that’s not D.C.

The best part is that most of the migrants said they wouldn’t be staying in D.C. and would be leaving for other cities.

Zachary Petrizzo and Rachel Olding report:

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott followed through on his cruel promise to dump asylum seekers and migrants in the capital with the first busload conveniently arriving outside Fox News’ office on Wednesday morning.

Father John Enzler of Catholic Charities told The Daily Beast that another two buses are expected to arrive from Texas—one later Wednesday and one on Thursday morning.

“Its not well organized,” he said. Enzler added that his organization’s facilities—totaling 34 sites in D.C.—are mostly full but will look to “transition” migrants.

Oh, what a shame … migration over the southern border isn’t well organized and the facilities are mostly full. Guess what’s going to happen when Title 42 expires, guys.

We like that busing migrants to D.C. was a “cruel promise” and a “gross stunt” — D.C. does suck — but if they’d been bused to Brownsville, The Daily Beast would never have reported on it.

Maybe The Daily Beast should follow the Washington Post and hire a correspondent in Texas to cover the place where this happens all day, every day.


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