A week ago, the Sun-Sentinel reported that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, normally a master of messaging, had been “outmaneuvered” by the three-word catchphrase, “Don’t Say Gay.” That’s a funny way to use the word “outmaneuvered,” seeing as the Parental Rights in Education bill had already been passed and was just waiting for DeSantis’ signature, which was provided Monday. That’s like saying the people spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to put up billboards around the state that just say “GAY” in giant letters outmaneuvered DeSantis.

As we reported, there was a massive internal freakout at Disney over CEO Bob Chapek not denouncing the legislation earlier than he did; he called DeSantis and said the legislation caused him “disappointment” and “concern.” And then DeSantis signed it into law anyway. As Christopher Rufo showed us Tuesday, Disney had a big all-hands meeting in which company bigwigs confirmed their commitment to having “many, many, many LGBTQIA characters” in their stories. Disney can double down all it wants, but it doesn’t repeal the law.

The Washington Post’s Philip Bump tweets that DeSantis seems “flustered” that Disney isn’t on board with the Parental Rights in Education law.

“Because Disney, driven by modernity and its employees, understands that families don’t look the way they used to.” That’s also why they’re going to remove all mentions of traditional gender roles at theme parks. No more “boys’ restrooms” or “girls’ restrooms.” Modernity.

DeSantis doesn’t seem flustered at all. Nor does Christina Pushaw:


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