As Twitchy reported earlier, Adam Parkhomenko is putting up “GAY” and “SAY GAY” billboards all over Florida and collecting donations to put up more and keep them up for as long as possible. That might make sense if Florida were having an election, but the bill’s already passed. Sure, celebrities like Mark Hamill cut and pasted the word “gay” into a tweet until he reached the 280-character limit, but remarkably it didn’t change anything. Florida Democrats marched through the hallways saying “gay” and made TikTok videos of themselves saying “gay.” It would all be very subversive if there were an actual law that prevented anyone from saying the word “gay.”

The Sun-Sentinel still hasn’t gotten over it, and has a piece Monday about how master of messaging Gov. Ron DeSantis was “outmaneuvered” by that three-word catchphrase.

By outmaneuvered you mean …

It sounds like the message of the bill got across to the legislators who voted to pass it. Putting up billboards now is just stupid.


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