There’s been a lot of attention paid to Lia Thomas this week, as she became the first openly transgender athlete to win an NCAA Division I national championship. As Twitchy reported, there was an iconic photo of Thomas standing on the winner’s podium, while the biological females who came in second, third, and fourth made their own:

He doesn’t have a fancy blue check, but we want to bring in school social worker Justin Spiro, because he reminds us that whatever we think about biological men competing in girls’ sports, we should have the discussion as if there were a transgender person in the room — plot twist! — because one probably is.

We should have done a post on it, but there was a graph from the New York Times going around recently comparing actual statistics — e.g., what percentage of the population is black — with what people polled believed. Either that, or embattled author Abigail Shrier is right, and school-age girls are all calling themselves trans now.

How about discussing it as if a biological female athlete were in the room.

Ask Caitlyn Jenner.


The second-place finisher? Yeah, good idea.

How about discussing it in the women-only section of the spa with a naked trans woman sitting across from your young daughters. That caused weeks of protests, with even Antifa getting involved and punches being thrown. Let’s have that discussion.


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