We had a post about a transgender teacher this week who made an inappropriate comment about how she refills her cat-butt tissue dispenser: with some soft music and a lot of Vasoline, apparently. What was more disturbing — but not to the school district, because it was posted on her personal Facebook page — was her just-finished embroidery project, which read, “Making your kids queer since 2020” and featured a number of pride flags. We thought that was important information to have as the CEO of Disney chastised Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for perpetrating “another challenge to basic human rights” with his Parental Rights in Education Bill keeping sex-ed out of kindergarten through third grade.

We always recommend people follow @libsoftiktok if they want to get a clearer picture of just who is educating their kids. Teachers tend to pour out their feelings on TikTok, such as this teacher (or bus driver?) who now hates going to work for fear of being misgendered.

Why is it that people like this seem so attracted to working with kids? Like “Sexy Summer Camp” and Drag Queen Story Hour.