We’re certainly getting a lot of 180s from the Biden administration this week. A week ago, Jen Psaki said that no, the United States wasn’t funding Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine because the Russian oil only made up around 10 percent of what the U.S. imports. A day ago, President Biden told the press that he “can’t do much now” about the “Putin spike” at the gas pump because “Russia is responsible” for the increase in gas prices we’ve seen over the past year.

And as Twitchy reported, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said a week ago that high gas prices were because of the country’s “transition” away from fossil fuels. On Wednesday, she told the American oil industry that we are “on a war footing” and U.S. oil companies should produce more oil immediately.

The U.S. has also done a 180, it seems, on a plan to provide Polish fighter jets to Ukraine by letting them pass through U.S. air bases. On “Face the Nation” Sunday, Secretary of State Anothony Blinken gave the “green light” to transfer the MiGs to Ukraine.

On Tuesday, though, Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby said that plan was not going to happen:

A logistics issue?

Here’s Michael Weiss with a thread detailing what went down:

We went from the “green light” on Sunday to Poland’s plan “not being a tenable one” on Tuesday.