White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told Fox News’ Peter Doocy last week that despite Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the United States would still be working with Vladimir Putin in “key areas,” such as the Iran deal and climate change. Climate envoy John Kerry has also expressed his concern about the carbon footprint of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and hopes that the conflict doesn’t distract the world from focusing on climate change.

This tweet is from Monday but it’s still a preview of tonight’s State of the Union speech by President Joe Biden. We’ve seen reports that Biden is going to give Build Back Better a rest, and one of the things that’s reportedly going to take its place is climate change. Biden had said many times that Build Back Better would not only cost zero dollars despite adding trillions to the national debt but that it would curb inflation as well. Now he’s going to pitch the idea that “green spending” is the way to fight rising prices.

It looks like the Green New Deal is back on the table again.

Where are all of those great-paying, unionized green jobs building solar panels? We’re old enough to remember when Van Jones was Barack Obama’s green jobs czar, and that went nowhere.


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