We just did a post on Aaron Rupar supposedly owning hypocrite Sen. Ted Cruz, who told Fox News that the United States should sanction Russian oil and criticized the Biden administration for not caring if gas prices hit $10 a gallon. What an idiot, right? But as Twitchy reported this morning, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that policies encouraging American energy independence wouldn’t address issues like high gas prices, so who are you going to believe? Cruz or Psaki?

Now we have New York Times editor Blake Hounshell essentially repeating Rupar’s “point.” President Joe Biden sure is in a jam: Republicans are going to blame him for high gas prices while at the same time criticizing him for not sanctioning Russian oil.

If only there were a third option.

Asking about reopening drilling leases on federal land, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg encouraged Americans to buy electric cars. That’s the Transportation Secretary’s solution to high gas prices — have everyone buy electric cars and the problem goes away.

Anyone who’s concerned about fossil fuels but doesn’t entertain the idea of nuclear power is not a serious person.

Funny how gas prices started going up a year before Russia invaded Ukraine. What was the excuse then? Oh, that’s right, the oil companies just decided to get greedy as soon as Biden took office.

It’s funny how the Democrats are big mad that Republicans are giving Biden a hard time.


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