We’ve got a lot of hot takes from failed Democratic House candidate Pam Keith. She’s proclaimed there’s no difference between Donald Trump’s role in the Capitol riots and Osama bin Laden’s role in 9/11. That’s because 9/11 ceased being the worst thing that happened to America in her lifetime on January 6.

We’ve also seen a few hot takes on how to handle Vladimir Putin. Rep. Adam Kinzinger tweeted that “we own the skies” and called for a U.S.-led no-fly zone over Ukraine, which of course would lead to U.S. pilots shooting down Russian jets. NBC News chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel the U.S. could likely destroy the Russian military convoy headed toward Ukraine, but would the West watch in silence?

The West has been arming Ukraine to fight for itself, as it should, but Keith says that right now is the time to drop the mother of all bombs on Vladimir Putin’s hidey-hole.

We don’t think Putin’s in hiding … that was Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

No kidding.


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