As Twitchy just reported, a Rebel News reporter just posted video of the police assaulting her on the front lines of the Freedom Convoy protest. And earlier, we covered Keith Olbermann expressing his desire to see more elderly women on mobility scooters be trampled by police on horseback.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had said earlier he’d be taking action against the Freedom Convoy protests to ensure Canadians’ safety, and Ottawa Police tweeted a message early Saturday essentially saying, “You made us do this” and making it clear they’d be using helmets and batons for their own safety, as protesters had been “assaultive and aggressive with officers and the horses.” We told you to leave, they said.

“Throwing bikes at horses.”

You’d think the police would have a ton of footage by now of them being assaulted by protesters. “We were slow and methodical” until you made us club you.


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