As Twitchy reported Friday, the Ottawa Police made it clear that if members of the media wanted coverage of the crackdown on Freedom Convoy protesters, there’d be an official press conference. They also made it clear that reporters would be subject to arrest if found within the β€œareas undergoing enforcement.”

We knew that Ezra Levant of Rebel News would have someone on the ground, and that person turned out to be Alexa Lavoie, who says she was clubbed and shot with a tear gas canister. We’d say we have our doubts about the story, but follow the thread far enough and you’ll see Lavoie’s footage from her phone. This is what it’s come to in order to prevent Prime Minister Justin Trudeau from losing face and agreeing to meet with protesters about mandates.

Fair point.

The replies to Levant’s thread are pretty appalling. First, Rebel News is considered the Canadian Fox News, so people are reluctant to call Lavoie a journalist. And second, a lot of people said the police gave advance warning, so she should have just complied β€” which is funny, because it’s what so many Black Lives Matter protesters said about Ashli Babbit … she should have just complied with police and she’d be alive.

Take it with a grain of salt if you must, but that footage of police pushing protesters back is pretty horrifying.


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