We certainly heard this hot take before. Parkland survivor and gun control activist David Hogg declared last year that “it should not be easier to buy an AR-15 than it is to vote.” MSNBC/NBC News political analyst Jake Sherman reported that “activists” have pointed out that “in Georgia, for instance, it’s easier to buy a gun than to register to vote. This says a lot about where America is headed in 2021.”

This is just so stupid and ignorant, and yet everyone thinks it’s a great take. Here’s award-winning journalist David Leavitt pulling it out of nowhere Tuesday. And yes, this is the same douche who called the police on a Target manager who wouldn’t sell him an electric toothbrush for a penny.

We can believe he’s an award-winning journalist.

Why would you call the police, who carry guns, to assist you when a toothbrush is mismarked? Why would you bring guns into that equation?

A lot of people in the replies are actually admitting they’ve thought the same thing, and to ask the GOP why.

Well, he’s getting clicks, which is probably all he was after. But people honestly believe him. There are a lot of low-information voters out there.


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