A big Twitchy thank you to Christopher Scalina for reminding us of The Atlantic’s April 2020 piece on “Georgia’s Experiment in Human Sacrifice” in letting some businesses, like bowling alleys, tattoo parlors, barbershops, and nail salons, reopen as long as they followed safety regulations. By June 2020, the same writer tweeted that New York City’s 8 p.m. curfew was “absolutely insane” because New Yorkers famously don’t eat dinner “until like 9.”

Here we go: “The Anti-vaccine Right Brought Human Sacrifice to America.” But we’re still cool with what Andrew Cuomo did with nursing homes, right?

Kurt Andersen writes that “what we’ve experienced certainly since the middle of 2021 is literally ritual human sacrifice on a mass scale — the real thing, comparable to the innumerable ghastly historical versions.”

… And for more than a year, we’ve had astoundingly effective vaccines that radically reduce the risk of hospitalization and death from COVID-19. All of which means that for a long time now the right’s ongoing propaganda campaign against and organized political resistance to vaccination, among other public-health protocols, has been killing many, many Americans for no reasonable, ethically justifiable social purpose.

And the right’s QAnon anti-vaccination cohort has produced its own eager volunteers for mass human sacrifice — volunteers probably oblivious to the irony that their own conspiracy theories center on a fantasy that elite liberals practice gruesome human sacrifice.

Andersen isn’t kidding around — he really leans into the idea of human sacrifice throughout history.

A lot of people in the replies are wondering why Republicans are trying to kill off their own voting base by shutting down monoclonal antibody treatment sites to treat the infected … no, wait, that was Biden’s FDA.


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