A little over a week ago, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp announced that a number of businesses, including such places as bowling alleys, tattoo parlors, barbershops, and nail salons, would be allowed to reopen April 24 as long as they followed safety guidelines. That already led to one hot take: that Kemp’s plan was to kill off poor people and blacks — Stacey Abrams’ voting base, that is — thus clearing the way for his reelection.

What’s odd is that Georgia has gotten all the bad publicity. Colorado Gov. Jared Polis had also announced a “safer at home” policy by which hair salons, tattoo shops, and dentists would be able to reopen as long as they maintained social distancing and followed safety guidelines.

The Atlantic has a piece about Georgia reopening by Amanda Mull.

Whoever wrote the headline was really going for clicks, though:

Here’s Sean Trende from RealClearPolitics:



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