We’re honestly surprised by how many takes about the COVID-19 epidemic have somehow settled on racism, but here we are.

Despite having lost by more than 50,000 votes in the biggest voter turnout ever (despite voter suppression efforts), Stacey Abrams is still the governor of Georgia to many, and to them, the sting of illegitimate Gov. Brian Kemp opening up some businesses in the state hasn’t just rubbed them the wrong way; some are wondering if he’s specifically putting people of color in danger.

Here’s the governor himself:

So Bridget Todd is saying Kemp is sending the same people he disenfranchised to die by opening up the state too soon:

The sad truth: Kemp is “literally killing the demographics he knows will vote against him.”

As Joe Biden would say, “Come on, man!” (He’d better get used to saying that if he picks Abrams as his VP.)

Stay self-isolated in your home as long as you want … until a vaccine is developed a year or two from now if that’s your guideline.