Back on December 7, President Joe Biden said he’d made it very clear to Russian President Vladimir Putin that he had “deep concerns” over what Russia was up to. On that same day, it was reported that the Biden administration was considering potential strategies to evacuate Americans from Ukraine. As Twitchy reported Sunday evening, the United States had ordered families of embassy staff in Ukraine to evacuate.

This evacuation, of course, comes after Biden’s historically long press conference in which he said that a “minor incursion” by Russia into Ukraine was one thing.

In the spirit of that last bit, RNC Research has pulled up this video of candidate Joe Biden assuring us that Putin, like President Trump, was a bully, and he’d stand up to him on behalf of our Eastern European allies.

And we know how Biden feels about bullies … remember how he was continuously threatening to take Trump “behind the gym” and teach him some manners?

A good point:

Just a reminder that Trump was the one who OK’d lethal aid to Ukraine to defend itself.


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