“Sorry crazies,” tweeted January 6 Select Committee member Rep. Adam Kinzinger, forwarding a statement issued by the committee after Sen. Ted Cruz asked the FBI’s Jill Sanborn about Ray Epps, who is clearly on video inciting people to storm the Capitol building but isn’t being held in jail like people charged with trespassing. According to the committee, they interviewed Epps and he assured them he wasn’t working in conjunction with any law enforcement agency.

The whole thing still smells fishy to a lot of people. Here’s RealClearInvestigations’ Mark Hemingway:

Glenn Greenwald posted a thread on Epps back in October and notes that even the New York Times has reported that the FBI had an informant in the crowd — something Sanborn said she couldn’t confirm or deny.

Exactly … something about him was interesting enough for the select committee to interview him and no one else.




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