We noted on Thursday that #WheresRon was in full swing, with the Washington Post amplifying the voices of Democratic strategists assuming Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was either on vacation or ill with COVID while the coronavirus spiked to new levels in his state. Christina Pushaw posted the governor’s public schedule for every day since December 22, but that still wasn’t enough. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tried to dunk on DeSantis after she was called out for vacationing in his free state while cases in New York City reached new records.

Fox News on Friday reported that while people claimed DeSantis was “missing,” he was actually accompanying his wife to her cancer treatments. You’d think that would shut some people up, but blue-check Lesley Abravanel said it was just more spin and cancer treatments only take a few hours.

Especially during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, when everyone’s off, including the president.

Why is Biden not getting dragged for punting the COVID response to the states and then flying off to his beach house in Delaware when Omicron cases were surging? We know why.