Everyone get their “Shut up, Wesley” GIFs ready, because Wil Wheaton is back, and he has something to say about Netflix’s just-announced 11-day comedy festival featuring more than 130 comedians … including Dave Chappelle, whom even the New York Post said was attending “amid scandal.” What scandal? Saying that gender is a real thing? Outraged Netflix employees even staged a walkout involving perhaps dozens of workers.

By the way, that’s Vito Gesualdi posting; if you remember, he’s the guy the AP erroneously said was “screaming profanities” at the Netflix protesters.

Here’s the first Facebook post in case that’s too small to read. He’s since added that the post has become “a trash fire of hateful garbage people” with a sickening dose of “ignorant white privilege” from cisgender heterosexual (“cishet”) men.