As Twitchy reported Wednesday, counterprotesters showed up at that Netflix walkout over Dave Chappelle’s comedy special, “The Closer.” As we showed you, protesters destroyed Vito Gesualdi’s “We Like Dave” sign and then claimed he had a weapon when he was left with nothing but a stick. He was bodied out of the crowd and had a tambourine shaken in his face to shut him up.

“Comedian and videographer Vito Gesualdi screams profanities as he engages with peaceful protesters begging him to leave,” read the AP photo caption, which was then picked up by other news outlets. “Oh great, it’s a stock Associated Press photo caption so that lie is on dozens of news sites now,” Gesualdi tweeted, noting that those peaceful protesters destroyed his sign and tackled his buddy to the concrete.

Jesse Singal has looked into the AP’s caption too.

Did the person who wrote the caption watch the video? It’s very possible they didn’t — big media tends to compartmentalize jobs, which is why writers so often point out that they don’t write their headlines.

“Peaceful protesters”:

Hopefully, with enough backlash, the AP will at least issue a correction.

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The AP has issued a correction, removing “profanities” and “peaceful.”