Republicans cheered over Thanksgiving weekend when a CNN op-ed proposed a 2024 Democratic presidential ticket of Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg, and that’s not the first time we’ve heard rumblings about Democratics pushing Buttigieg to run in 2024. A new I&I/TIPP poll shows that President Joe Biden doesn’t have much to worry about if he chooses to run again — he’s the first choice of Americans to run on the Democratic ticket by a long shot. That doesn’t mean he’s popular, though.

Yeah, Biden’s leading the pack with a whopping 37 percent of Democrats and 22 percent overall. Vice President Harris follows at 16 percent of Democrats, followed by Buttigieg at 3 percent, coming in behind both Stacey Abrams and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who both came in at 4 percent. Meanwhile, Amy Klobuchar is looking at that 2 percent and considering giving it another shot.

I&I/TIPP reports that “6% of all those who answered preferred someone ‘other’ than those on the list, while a whopping 31% said they were ‘unsure,’ a likely sign that for many it’s still too early to form strong opinions about 2024.”

It seems plenty have formed a strong opinion of Biden’s performance as president.

They want a Democrat who doesn’t exist.


Good point, but would Harris be even easier to beat, or will Biden’s advanced age be even more of a factor?

It is, and even the Democrats know it.