Honestly, we think President Joe Biden will finish out his first term, despite there being plenty of bets on how soon he’ll step aside and let Vice President Kamala Harris take over. Will Biden run again in 2024? If not, it’s not a sure bet that Harris would be the nominee. A report from Business Insider says Democratic donors have been having dinners at which they’re discussing throwing their support behind Treasury Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

Adam Wren reports:

They’re driven in part by a lack of confidence in Vice President Kamala Harris’ performance so far, and some don’t think Buttigieg should wait in line behind Harris if Biden opts against running for a second term. Other dinner attendees think Buttigieg is better off waiting until 2028 or even later.

[A Democratic strategist] also said there’s a growing sentiment that “there’s no map in the universe that exists in which Kamala Harris could possibly win a national election.” That person said Buttigieg supporters see him as “our best hope,” but they aren’t the only donors already rumbling about organizing behind other Democratic candidates who might challenge Harris in 2024.

“She’s in Dan Quayle territory for Christ’s sake,” one former Buttigieg donor said.

We still have no clue what either one actually does.

The Democrats really have no bench.