It was August when a Los Angeles Times columnist claimed that she’d been hit with “a tidal wave of right-wing hysteria” when she used the word Latinxs in a tweet. Plenty of Hispanics popped up to tell her that, no, they’re not right-wing, and no, they don’t like being called Latinx. Still, progressives from Sesame Street to President Joe Biden insist on using it, despite the fact that many Hispanics consider it a slur.

And that’s a good thing, because practically no one in the Hispanic community likes or uses the term, according to a new survey.

Only 2 percent of Hispanics refer to themselves as Latinx, but the entire Biden administration is committed to it.

Biden’s been known to pronounce it as La-TEEN-ex. But we don’t know what you’d do with Latinxs.

It’s a wonderful thing.