President Biden is in Raleigh, North Carolina talking about COVID-19 vaccinations. We’d been assured it was Trumpers who were the ones not getting vaccinated because they believe the coronavirus is a hoax. But it turns out it’s been difficult to get African Americans and Latinos vaccinated as well; according to Biden, blacks remember being experimented on (Cornell exempted black students from the flu vaccine for that very reason), and Latinos (or Latinx, as he pronounces it) are afraid they’ll be vaccinated and deported.

Yes, he did. And to be honest, when the vaccine was being rolled out, we did see on social media a lot of resistance to it, with blacks pointing to the Tuskegee study. Vice President Kamala Harris, who said she wouldn’t trust a vaccine on Donald Trump’s word, was sent out to encourage blacks to get vaccinated, but apparently, she failed at that as well.

And why would Latinos fear being deported if they’re here legally — or even if they’re here illegally; it’s the Biden-Harris administration.