Last month, Los Angeles Times opinion columnist Jean Guerrero claimed she had faced a “tidal wave of right-wing hysteria” for using the term “Latinxs” in a tweet. Plenty of liberals stepped forward, though, and called her out: they were neither right-wing nor hysterical, they just didn’t like their culture being tampered with. “Everyone I know who’s from Mexicx loves being called that,” tweeted one person in reply.

Now it’s Hispanic Heritage Month, but Sesame Street has decided to make it Latinx Heritage Month, which is odd, because celebrating Hispanic heritage would involve using the word “Latino.”

We have heard President Biden pronounce it “la-TEEN-ex” when he was explaining why Hispanics were hesitant to get the vaccine: they were afraid they’d be vaccinated and then deported.

And we’re pretty sure the plural wouldn’t be Latinxs.

Does Sesame Street observe Womxn’s History Month too, because biological females love being called womxn (and vulva owners, and menstruators)?