While Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank is positing the insane theory — nay, proof — that the media treats President Joe Biden as badly or worse than it did Donald Trump. There’s even a graph showing that coverage of Biden was far, far more positive … until August when the Afghanistan debacle was impossible not to cover. It’s since been trending right back up, though.

Elsewhere in the Post, columnist James Hohmann is showing that the media can be harsh with Vice President Kamala Harris, whose favorability rating is down in the 20s. A couple of weeks ago, the Washington Free Beacon wrote that “sources close to Kamala Harris claim that her plummeting popularity is due to racial discrimination from Biden and his office” and that “the Biden administration only defends white men.” Now we’re hearing from former staffers of Sen. Kamala Harris that she was a bit of a monster to work for.

This is gold:

That’s difficult to believe.

Good analogy.

Yeah, why … is it because reporters keep asking Pete Buttigieg about his plans for 2024?