Photos don’t always come across well on Twitter, but here is a series of photos taken of downtown San Francisco by a woman who describes herself in her Twitter bio as a moderate liberal. As we all know, the leadership of San Francisco is anything but moderate. District Attorney Chesa Boudin a year ago argued against cash bail by citing Kyle Rittenhouse’s bail despite the “strong evidence” of “racial bias committing a double murder.” Just last month, a progressive prosecutor quit, calling Boudin a “sinking ship.” There’s a recall effort underway.

In any case, here’s a tour of San Francisco:

These are all from today?

This reminds us of the time Brian Stelter got all pissy over someone saying New York, following rioting last summer, looked “shattered by thuggery.” He was very offended and let us all know that the plywood was starting to come down and they’d replaced his neighborhood’s trash can which rioters were using to set fires.

What would Seth Rogen say? Oh yeah, “It’s called living in a big city.” Totally normal.