We’re getting sweaty in here from all the hot takes from Glenn Youngkin’s election victory in Virginia Tuesday night. It’s all about white supremacy; all of the talking heads on CNN and MSNBC are crediting Youngkin’s win “1,000 percent” to “dog-whistle racism.” Since we’ve heard from one tweeter that white women vote to protect their white sons, and that’s it, we thought we’d add this blue-check perspective as a companion piece.

When they say that Youngkin’s win Tuesday night was a victory for parents, know that they’re not talking about black parents.

And the way to convince parents that critical race theory isn’t real is to couch it as “diversity” and “ethnic studies.”

It can’t be critical race theory, because it’s not real and they don’t teach it in schools.

We left a tweet out because the original post claimed it was “whitesplaining” and we didn’t want any of that in our post. Plus it’s a shame it was taken over by Russian bots.


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