They’ve been trying to cancel comedian Dave Chappelle ever since his latest standup special, “The Closer,” made its debut on Netflix, where it is currently ranked the third most-watched video on the streaming service. Chappelle defended accused transphobe J.K. Rowling and announced, “Gender is a fact.” Despite pressure from groups like GLAAD, Netflix has decided not to bow to the outrage mob, with the co-CEO announcing that Chappelle’s special didn’t appear designed to incite hate or violence.

It’s been a couple of weeks, but George Takei is still weighing in on Chappelle, saying that if he’d so blatantly attacked another minority group, Netflix might not have been OK with his hate speech.

It’s too late, guys. Netflix isn’t pulling the special, and Chappelle is riding high. It’s not going to work on him.