Hear’s PBS News’ Yamiche Alcindor’s “latest reporting” on those Haitian migrants being whipped by mounted Border Patrol agents. On Monday, Alcindor asked White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki if there would be any consequences to the Border Patrol agents “if what we’re seeing is what we’re seeing.” What she was seeing isn’t what we’re seeing, which is an agent grabbing a migrant by his T-shirt.

Wait, back up … with what in hand? Rope? Aggressively confronted? We were assured by several media outlets that they were whipped with whips. Alcindor even spread the report from The El Paso Times as proof. In any case, here’s her latest reporting:

Whips? We thought you said rope yesterday.

Get to the border, and take AOC and Vice President Harris with you.

Solid burn.

He did tell migrants to immediately flood the border as soon as he was inaugurated.