It’s been a while since we’ve heard about Alfa Bank, the Russian bank that supposedly had a secret communications channel with the Trump Organization. We’d heard back in April of 2009 that Trump dossier author Christopher Steele was the subject of a defamation suit by the bank. Court transcripts showed that that now-debunked hot tip came from Michael Sussmann, a lawyer at Perkins Coie, the law firm that hired Steele on behalf of its client, the Hillary Clinton campaign. And now the New York Times is reporting that prosecutor John Durham (he’s alive!) is seeking an indictment of Sussman.

Right? Here’s Techno Fog with more:

He writes:

Special Counsel John Durham “will ask a grand jury to indict” former DNC/Clinton campaign lawyer (and Perkins Coie partner) Michael Sussman of false statements. The false statement charges relate to a September 19, 2016 meeting FBI lawyer James Baker had with Sussman, where Sussman relayed to the FBI the discredited theory that the Trump Organization was communicating with Alfa Bank.

More recently, we noted that Fusion GPS has been fighting to keep secret its communications about Trump/Alfa Bank secret in a civil suit. Court records we reviewed appear to show the degree with which Fusion GPS, Glenn Simpson, and their associates went in drafting and promoting the false Alfa Bank/Trump Organization story.

We’re not getting our hopes up for this.