It was just last week that 22 of the 52 Texas House Democrats who fled the state to prevent a vote on legislation they didn’t like filed a lawsuit against Gov. Greg Abbott, alleging that his call for their arrest was causing them “anxiety, discomfort, and distress.” As Twitchy reported, Rep. Eddie Rodriguez posted a picture of the Dems with the defiant message, “Come and take us” — but we see now that it’s been deleted for some reason.

We don’t have any video of arrests, and there won’t be any perp walks — if arrested, the legislators aren’t taken to jail but rather to the capitol so they can do their jobs. What we do have, though, is video of the House sergeant at arms going around the capitol and delivering arrest warrants to all 52 Democrats at their offices.

Has anything good come from this stunt? We mean actual, tangible results of any sort?