We know that runaway Texas House Democrat Gene Wu is having a good time living life as a fugitive; he’s built up quite the reputation as a Twitter troll in the process, posting photos of his breakfast leftovers chewed into a smiley face as a dig on Fox News for covering his “first meal as a fugitive” tweet, a photo of a salad in a styrofoam container. It was fun at first, we guess.

The Daily Mail is reporting that 22 runaway Democrats aren’t having such a great time, and are suing Gov. Greg Abbott for causing them “anxiety, discomfort and distress” for threatening them with arrest should they return to Texas.

Andrew Court reports:

On Friday, 22 of the Democrats filed a complaint in federal court in Austin claiming that Republican attempts to bring them home for a special legislative session is a violation of their rights.

The plaintiffs claim they ‘have been deprived of liberty for substantial periods of time, [and] suffered much anxiety and distress over the separation from their families.

They also say they have suffered from ‘much discomfort and embarrassment’ because their reputations have been ‘impaired’.

In the suit, the Democrats further allege that they ‘have lost much time from their homes and the companionship and care of their families and have been required to spend substantial sums of money’.

That doesn’t quite fit with the photo of them all smiles and flashing peace signs aboard their private jet out of Texas. Yes, their reputations have been impaired, but they have to realize this entire situation is entirely their own doing.

What? A least one Dem tweeted about how she’s forced to wash her bra and panties in the sink and dry them on the hotel shower rod.

Hey, those were non-refundable tickets.

They’re from Texas; they could have had Shiner.

No judge should agree to hear this, but if they do, that photo of them on the plane should be the defense’s first exhibit.