It was actually a week ago that Minneapolis Democrat Party Chair Devin Hogan saw his op-ed piece, “The cops started it,” published at Southside Pride. Someone at the NRCC managed to catch it and publicize it Tuesday, and it’s something. Hogan writes about the rioting in Minneapolis following the George Floyd video, and as the headline suggests, the cops started it.

Hogan writes:

The youth of Minneapolis have grown up seeing the police murder people who look like them without consequences. They are out of f**ks to give. Deliberately antagonizing them was a cruel excuse to give an opportunity to knock heads. Everything that followed was a proportional response.

Like it or not, setting the Third Precinct on fire was a genuine revolutionary moment. An act of pure righteousness to open new worlds of understanding. The people declared themselves ungovernable and unilaterally took their power back. The largest international human rights movement in modern history had begun. The youth of Minneapolis carried all of this. The cops started it.

“The largest international human rights movement in modern history had begun.”

Hey, destroying property isn’t violence, according to the founder of the 1619 Project. It can be replaced. Plus, everyone was insured, so what’s the big deal?

The cops started it by killing Floyd, and burning down Minneapolis was just a proportional response. And this is the city’s chair of the Democratic Party.