As Twitchy reported earlier, former President Barack Obama is holding a huge 60th birthday party for himself on Martha’s Vineyard, but don’t worry: of the 200-plus staff planning to work the party of 475 confirmed guests, there will be a dedicated COVID coordinator on-site to make sure all CDC protocols are followed. Plus, it’s outdoors.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki seemed prepared for the question, noting a couple of times that Obama is a huge promoter of getting the vaccine. But, like Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot appearing at Lollapalooza this weekend, an event attracting 100,000 people a day, doesn’t this send the message that get-togethers are OK?

That would have been great. (How refreshing.)

That’s what we got out of it, as long as it’s outdoors. Apparently, we’re not supposed to be nearly as afraid of the Delta variant as we’ve been led to believe. Wasn’t that new masking guidance based on an outbreak over the Fourth of July weekend at the beach?

If it were a Republican, this douche would show up:

The trick is to just do it — have dinner at the French Laundry, officiate at a wedding, get your hair done — and hope no one takes photos.