Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is under fire over the Lollapalooza music festival held in Chicago this weekend:

And she even attended the event as she imposes new restrictions on the rest of the city:

How do you do, fellow kids?

And she’s mad that people were not wearing masks on the subway before they crowded themselves next to even more people at the concert:

How on Earth did she think this was a good idea?

“I’m over here quoting Fox News, that’s how hypocritical Lori Lightfoot looks right now”:

She also said 90% of the people are vaccinated so she “feels very good about what we’ve done”:

About that. . .

. . .they didn’t really check your vaccination status as this video clearly shows:

So, basically, you flash a white piece of paper or a Xerox of someone else’s card to get it?