LOL. In the middle of a pandemic, former President Barack Obama thought it would be a good idea to host hundreds of his friends at his home on Martha’s Vineyard to help him celebrate his 60th birthday:

According to Axios, there are 475 confirmed guest with hundreds more in staff:

One person with connections to Obamaworld said there were 475 confirmed guests — including friends, family and former aides — and 200-plus staff planning to work the party.

And Pearl Jam:

Pearl Jam was set to play, and one local hairdresser had been retained to style the hair of a band member.

He’s “literally killing people,” right?

And the CDC just used a holiday weekend in nearby Provincetown to justify new mask guidance, yet this is okay?

And where is that beach guy? He should be protesting this:

According to Axios, the party will be outdoors and there will be a COVID coordinator, whatever that is:

Probably to keep the photos off Twitter:

Exit question: How many private jets will these people who all believe climate change is a crisis be using to get to the birthday party?