“White Fragility” author Robin DiAngelo is keeping the anti-racism grift going with a new book called, “Nice Racism: How Progressive White People Perpetuate Racial Harm.” We’re going to name and shame here: CNN assigned John Blake to interview DiAngelo, and he writes of her “hard-hitting” new book, the follow-up to her “anti-racist classic”:

If you’re a White person who is now rewinding every conversation you’ve had with a person of color to see if you flashed your “I am not a racist” credentials, then you might understand the power of DiAngelo’s hard-hitting new book, “Nice Racism: How Progressive White People Perpetuate Racial Harm.” In it DiAngelo delivers a systematic takedown of what she calls “well-meaning Whiteness” — how well-intentioned White people unwittingly reinforce racism.

DiAngelo deploys many of the same skills that made “White Fragility,” which topped the bestseller lists last summer as the nation grappled with the fallout from George Floyd’s murder, an anti-racist classic. She has a gift for taking abstract racial issues and explaining them in accessible terms through concrete examples and colorful phrases.

“Nice Racism” is built around a startling claim: White progressives can cause the most daily harm to people of color.

Whoa, white progressives are the real racists? CNN is reporting real news!

The thing is, no one’s talking about CNN’s review; it’s Matt Taibbi’s write-up on Substack that, though behind a paywall, has people talking.

Remember back when we showed you the PowerPoint slide listing characteristics of white supremacy, and among them was “individualism?” DiAngelo agrees:

The “Vanilla Ice of Antiracism” — classic.

To be honest, white women have taken a lot of flak; we’ve written quite a few posts about it. Blue-check Saira Rao called white women the greatest villains of all time.

Or introducing your toddler to “kink culture.”

Watch for more glowing reviews in the mainstream press as DiAngelo does her book tour.